It is very popular at the moment and a lot of fun for the Bride and Groom or even the whole wedding party to perform 1 or many choreographed routines.
In the last 14 years have put together everything from father daughter dances, traditional bridal waltz, whole bridal party fun dances and even flash mobs!!!

However big or small your ideas, I will put together something beautiful and personalised for each individual couple.
To get started... I will send you out our Wedding Package which will help me learn about the couple, understand what ideas you have, music choices and how you would like everything to work. We will work together and discuss options and ideas and then come up with a rough plan.
Our Wedding Dance classes run as private lessons only for the bride and groom and anybody else learning routines.
I recommend to contact us at least 6 weeks before the wedding to allow enough time to learn and perfect the routines. Couples usually require 3-4 lessons and I always make time to meet at the venue too and have a practice there if you would like.
Pricing starts from $70 per lesson.