When you look the part, you will feel the part!

All students must be dressed neatly for class. Having a uniform allows us to check alignment, body shapes during dance and make corrections.
Requirements are as follows;

GIRLS:                                                                                      BOYS:

Dark Purple Leotard                                                                Purple Tee Shirt or Skivvy in Winter
Pink Ballet Tights                                                                    Black Shorts  
Practice Skirt (We supply)                                                       Black Jazz Shoes
Pink Ballet Shoes                                                                    Black Tap Shoes
Camel Color Tap Shoes                                                       
Hair Tied Back Neatly


We supply all uniform items. 
And we are able to fit you with everything you need on your first lesson.



Hair Tied Back Neatly
Clothing that is easy to move in, breathable and appropriate to dance in
Black Jazz Shoes
Camel Color Tap Shoes